Container Offices


Silver Sea Shipping & Trading Co. is a leading office container manufacturer specializing in rapidly designing and supplying a wide range of standard and custom-built office container models. Our mobile office container range comes in various sizes and configurations, all of which can be altered and optimized to suit your requirements.


If you are considering purchasing a site office container for sale, learn more about our modular product range and our site office container price below.

Our office container sets are specially designed to be used as a temporary administrative work area for staff, regardless of construction site conditions. Our prefabricated container can be dismantled in sets, with an external height of 2.60 m and a standard 6.00 × 2.50 m. Office containers can be customized and dimensioned to include the following options: air conditioning, furniture, computer network and telephone, home automation, guard (guardrail), high floor. Prefab. Office containers (construction site office) are delivered as a set disassembled. 10 prefabricated office of 15 m2, with one door and two windows, fully electrically equipped, are shipped with only one 40-foot sea container. Our office containers can be joined (assembled or stacked) to form prefabricated modular buildings.

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