How to Factory Reset Windows 10

Search highlights will roll out to Windows 11 customers over the next several weeks. This build adds IP address auditing for incoming Windows Remote Management connections in security event 4262 and WinRM event 91. This addresses an issue that fails to log the source IP address and machine name for a remote PowerShell connection. Without the proper troubleshooting process, IT would have to guess what the issue might be. In some situations, Windows Update is unable to make a decision as to whether or not the system is capable of running Windows 11. In these situations, desktop admins can usually run PC Health Check to test the system.

  • A new Skyloft environment has been added to the Cliff House environment, while haptic feedback on Motion Controllers for SteamVR will make games more immersive.
  • If you have Windows 11 Pro, Education, or Enterprise edition, then you can go with gpedit.msc – the Local Group Policy Editor app.
  • This tool will keep your system safe as you can manually download and install the wrong driver version and end up facing an even greater danger.
  • In Windows Security, click on Virus & threat protection.

A general recommendation in terms of security is that you should always have security enabled for your PC at all times. This could be using Windows Defender, Microsoft’s own security solution built into Windows 10, or using a third-party security tool. On the next page, go down toVirus & threat protection settings section and clickManage settings.

How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 or 11 PC

All options accomplish the same thing if you’re doing a Reset This PC to solve a major computer issue, so choosingKeep my filesis the safer bet in most cases. Check the box next to “Back up system files to the recovery drive” and click Next. The next window will warn you that you won’t be able to roll back to a previous version of Windows. If you’re happy with that, click ‘next’ to proceed. Then click on the Reset button and Windows will then restart and reset itself. For a long time, businesses have selected Windows 10 as their preferred operating system, especially as it’s one of Microsoft’s most well built releases.

One of the major requirements is Trusted Platform Module 1.2 readiness, which is only possible with device hardware manufactured in the last four to five years. On older Windows devices, if you look under “Windows Security,” you will see the TPM specification as “not ready,” which means these devices cannot be upgraded to Windows 11. Windows 8.1 still enjoys security updates, but that will end on the 10th of January, 2023. That date will mark the end of extended support, which means security updates, bug fixes, and paid support. Windows 8, however, is already redundant from the perspective of getting any new security updates.

Factory reset HP laptop with CD disc

Windows 10 includes a feature to quickly reset your PC to factory default settings without losing your files when things are not working correctly. The larger risk, however, is the fact that the Windows.old folder exists on the hard disk. For those who are not familiar with Windows.old, it is a folder that is automatically created when Windows is created. The Windows.old folder contains files and settings that you can use to revert your system back to the previous version of Windows. If your Windows 10 machine isn’t working as well as it should be, or you want to wipe it and use it as a spare, it might be time to restore the computer to its out-of-the-box settings. Cloud download downloads a new copy of Windows 10 from Microsoft directly whereas a local reinstall uses the Windows 10 version already on your computer.

Unlink from your Microsoft account

This method works for fixing a variety of causes, including corruption and malware. To carry out most of the steps in the guide below, you need to have a local user account with administrative permissions. Check out How to make a local user an administrator in Windows 10guide. Depending on the state of your device, you can either attempt to fix the issue or save your computer from getting stuck in an infinite reset loop.

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