What is the porta cabin, features, and its benefits?


Porta Cabin

A portable, demountable or movable structure is a structure designed and developed to be movable rather than permanently located.

The smaller version of portable buildings is known as porta cabin. Portable cabins are custom-built prefabricated buildings manufactured for various applications such as security cabins, storage containers, portable toilets, site offices, etc. porta cabins are an economical alternative to traditional buildings, and also they provide a flexible solution where accommodation is needed for a few time periods.

From formal office accommodation to open eating and relaxation zones, toilet and shower offices to site security units, portable cabins are quick to manufacture and simple to deliver.

Why to choose porta cabins?

Higher quality, easy installation, durability and long service life makes porta cabins the best option for accommodation.

These portable buildings are the most appropriate solution for the onsite requirements. Movable porta cabins are the ideal solution for periodic use of buildings in various locations and with easy installation and long-lasting structure, offer unmatched reliability. We SSSTC, a prefabricated manufacturer of India, our portacabins are developed by a panel of expert architects, structural engineers, interior designers with valuable inputs from current users, these relocatable cabins are a unique customized solution that satisfies all customer demands.

Best-in-class porta cabin features

  • High tolerance, corrosion resistance and durability
  • Aesthetically designed – does not require finishing touch
  • Lightweight and durable
  • High resistance to natural disasters and weatherproof
  • Lightweight and easy to erect.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • The portable cabins require no foundation.
  • All electrical facilities are present such as wiring, socket, light fixtures are there.
  • Adequate insulation of portable building cabins maintains a 5-7oC atmosphere temperature

Benefits of porta cabin

Mobility: Porta cabins can be shifted effortlessly from one place to another at any time without any issue. Even we can dismantle these cabins easily and also can be installed easily to another location with minimum efforts.

Weather Resistant: These porta cabins are effectively insulated, painted, well-built and corrosion-free. So any bad weather environment does not affect the prefabricated portable cabin. Portacabin are well installed with cooling and heating systems which gives some break from the harsh weather.

Flexible Designs: changing a permanent structure can be difficult but a prefabricated porta cabin can be relocated according to need. Portacabins are developed to be adaptable and relocatable in every situation and are best suited for areas with limited accessibility.

Different Sizes: Porta cabin can be designed in a variety of sizes according to requirements.

Fast Construction: Portable buildings take 50% less time as compared to permanent buildings. So it takes less time and as a result, low cost is spent on the job site.
If you are also looking for portacabins, then you can contact us, our professional team will answer all questions you have in the mind.

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